3 Reasons an Apartment Complex Needs a Public Adjuster

Managing an apartment complex can be a tough task on normal days, let alone when your complex has suffered some disaster that necessitates an insurance claim. When your complex is in the throes of an insurance claim you need an ally that will assist in this process like a public adjuster. Let’s review why every apartment complex needs an on-call public adjuster.

Three Reasons an Apartment Complex Needs a Public Adjuster

No One Has Time to Do It All

An apartment complex is a complex place to run. Even smaller apartment complexes have several tenants that must be taken care of at any given time, and that doesn’t even factor in the daily operations it takes to run an apartment complex. The insurance claims for a multi-unit property can be pages of strange numbers and symbols that will take your several hours and multiple days to get through and check. If you’re like 99 percent of apartment complex managers you don’t have that time, use a public adjuster to do it for you.

Multiple Units, Multiple Tenants, Multiple Problems

A single homeowner insurance claim can be tough to wrangle with and that’s just for one person or one household. Apartment complexes can have anywhere for a half a dozen to several hundred tenants and every additional tenant or unit on a claim creates more problems. You can pull the calculator and spreadsheet and the individual insurance information for all your tenants, or you can let a public adjuster do it. If you choose a public adjuster with previous experience with HOAs, you’re most likely to get the best result.

Get Insurance for Your Insurance

Your insurance company means well, but if they send out an exhausted, rookie field adjuster, there’s a chance your claim won’t be 100 percent accurate. A public adjuster will look at your claim and while they can’t get more money added they could point out areas where they feel you’re being mistreated by insurance and will work to get you what you deserve.

If you need someone who can assist you at a stressful time, divide and conquer multiple and complicated claims, and act in the best interests of the complex, you need a public adjuster. Look for adjusters that have previous experience working with apartment complexes of multi-unit properties, so you’re matched with the right Colorado public adjusters for you.

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