Do Individual Homeowners Need a Public Adjuster?

You know that any insurance claim can be a headache, but how bad can it be? Sure, if you managed a homeowner’s association or owned an apartment complex you’d certainly hire a public adjuster but what about a claim for your home? Let’s find out what public adjusters can do for individual homeowners to help you determine if you should hire one.

So, Do Individual Homeowners Need a Public Adjuster?

How Much Does Your Claim Total?

It’s suggested to use the services of a public adjuster if your insurance claim totals more than $10,000. If you’ve dealt with an insurance claim before or live in an area susceptible to damage you know that $10,000 is regularly eclipsed in individual homeowner claims. That $10,000 (and over) is not imaginary money; it’s real money to pay for damages that you been paying for every time you pay your premium. You wouldn’t fool around with more than $10,000 in any other circumstance so why fool around with it in your homeowner claim?

How Valuable is Your Time?

The cliché says time is money, but clichés become what they are because they’re true. A single homeowner claim may not be as complex as a multi-unit but depending on your claim, company, home, and more even a single homeowner claim can take hours of devotion to properly deal with. Though a public adjuster’s services will cost you a portion of the insurance proceeds, your time is better spent doing something else that you’re better at and leaving claims to the professionals.

Do You Know What You’re Looking for and Steps to Take?

Once you receive your claim, do you know what you’re looking for to be certain you’re getting the best deal or the right price for the right line items? A public adjuster can act on your behalf to scan all insurance documents and forms to be certain you aren’t being shorted or taken advantage of (even accidentally.) You may not know what mistakes to look for, but a public adjuster does and will be sure you’re getting a fair claim.

If you claim totals over $10,000, your time is valuable, or you don’t know what to look for or how to execute an insurance document you need a public adjuster. Search for Colorado public adjusters with plenty of positive reviews, any proper certifications, and accreditations, and plenty of experience for the best claims experience,

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