Winter Roof Repair & Replacement – The Time is Now!

Winter is here in the Centennial state but there’s still time to address to your roof before the frigid temperatures roll in. You may be hesitant about winter roofing but contractors in the Denver metro are generally able to roof all year-round. Should you get your roof checked out before winter? Let’s learn about the importance of getting things looked at before adverse weather hits.

Importance of Inspection Before Winter

Not everyone will need a new roof before winter, but everyone should get their roof inspected before winter. Winter is one of the most difficult times on your home due to driving wind, snow, and damaging freezing and thawing cycles. Little leaks can become filled with ice and expand, leaving you with a big clean-up bill. It’s best to catch any damage or possible issues before the cold comes so you have a small repair bill and not an attic space.

Inspections are more crucial when your home may have been affected by adverse weather conditions, including hail. Your roof might appear fine on the surface but hide damage from impacts beautiful difficult to see unless inspected by a trained professional. By the time winter arrives that are it will be too late for an easy repair job.
Hail-Affected Neighborhoods

The Denver metro was rocked with severe hail this past summer, leaving some metro residents picking up the pieces. If you live in the following neighborhoods you were likely affected and should get a hail-check before the cold makes the job more difficult.

The June 2018 hailstorm impacted Brighton, Lafayette, Louisville, Thornton and northwestern metro jurisdictions.

Most residential roofs in these areas are being replaced.

The July 2018 hailstorm impacted Aurora, Centennial, and several other areas in the south metro / Arapahoe County area. Many impact-resistant roofs held up, but most standard shingles were severely impacted.

How to Get Your Roof Inspected

Getting your roof inspected is as easy as picking up the phone or heading online. Roofcorp of Metro Denver Roofing in partnership with Casper Roofing never charges for inspections so you have nothing to lose by getting looked out. Call or head online and we’ll get you matched with a roofing expert to be certain you and your roof have a clean bill of health for the coming cold season.